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Come to the Tampa Bay Natural Birth & Baby Expo!

Ahhh spring! A time for butterflies, flowers, and babies. As we rejoice in all the beauty that mother nature has gifted us with, Spring is often a time to celebrate life. As people prepare for festivals of music and road trips, the season is often kicked off with my favorite type of gathering: birth and baby expos! "The Natural Birth and Baby Expo is a unique event for the whole family. This year's Expo will include: a baby wearing pavilion where you can try on different types of carriers, raffles and giveaways, a walk through home birth exhibit, special speaker presentation for expecting and established parents, and an appearance by the … [Read more...]

On Expanding Our Family

I've gotten an understanding on my cycle and it's become rather easy for us to be confident about whether or not we need to use caution during our more intimate moments. Since I have to constantly think about it, I feel myself coming down with a strong case of baby fever. It's been getting progressively worse over the course of the last few months, and I feel like I need another baby soon. It's completely irrational (my feelings on needing to rush), but women younger than me are on their second and third children and I can't help but feel like it's now or never. Hutch claims to want children of his own and most of the time I believe him. … [Read more...]

On Natural Family Planning

If you've known me for a little bit and have caught a few of my posts then you might notice my way of improvising whenever possible. My tutorials, for example, are almost never with a pattern and I tend to have hiccups during them in which I wind up pointing out some mistake and how I would fix it next time. I do this because I'm not perfect, and in order for me to understand something I have to figure it out. I just get my hands in there and play with it. I'm a woman of discovery, I suppose. I wanted to share some secrets with you. I am terrified of hormonal birth control as a personal choice for my body. I know it's far fetched, but I … [Read more...]