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From Student to Teacher: How I Compiled My Teaching Portfolio

Ya'll, I graduated! It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to finally be done after all this time. I can barely put it into words, but being done with school [for now] was an amazing adventure. This is the end of the beginning for me, and I'm so grateful for all of the love and support I have received. Technically I'm still finishing up my last class, but all of my assignment have been turned in and graded (because I'm a baller like that) so I'm just waiting for the clock to strike twelve, so to speak. I've also passed all my certification exams! Now I'm just on to the hard part: finding a job. When I was researching my final … [Read more...]

Traveling with the iHide Car Seat Organizer {a Review}

It seems like I just got my daughter back from one grandmother and now she's being shipped off to the other. Summers, man.... Full of road trips and excitement for young girls! This is the first truly active "independent" summer Gaia has had. At six-years-old, she's been having her own experiences and enjoying the one-on-one time with her distant relatives. The road trip I went on back in March with both kids wiped me completely, so my mom drove all the way to Central Florida form Kentucky to kidnap my daughter for these last few weeks of summer. Packing is always a chore when it comes to these mini vacations. surely she will come back with … [Read more...]

Preparations in Progress

Hello friends! I am in so much pain and so miserable I haven't been doing much of anything besides preparing for the baby's arrival. I'm hoping if I stay busy worrying about that he'll eventually show his adorable face. There's not much setting up left to do, but I'm reminded of little things every day when I imagine him being around. The below photo should help summarize: I'm laughing because Gaia is actually being a total creep and is hiding behind me. She was photo bombing me pretty badly when Hutch was trying to get this picture. If you look to the right of the slightly-offensive car sticker my sister gifted me, you'll see Tonks being … [Read more...]

My new planner makes me happy :)

I've been trying to have my new life a little more organized. I guest posted last weekend at To Sew with Love about my craft space, and now I' want to share with you my newest organizational happiness. The planner I was using was free from the college I attended and ends this month. I panicked and bought a new one because I used it to schedule out stuff for my blog. It also became a lifesaver when I started signing up for free trials with InboxDollars. So we went shopping last week. I also needed pens for work and I chose the color pack this time. I only ever use Pilot G-2 07 pens if I have a choice. I love them very much. Blue is for … [Read more...]