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Irish Twins Soap Co. Review

As part of our family's goal towards moving into more natural ways of living, I've been spending quite some time looking for replacement products that see every day use. My bathroom is nearly there, and with the addition of the fabulous Honey Almond Rustic Soap from Irish Twins Soap Co. we're that much closer! I have a horrible time with all things soap. As you can imagine with a curious 5-year-old and a new-to-the-world baby boy, soap is a big part of our lives. I find myself washing my hands all the time, but once the hand-washing routines got more regular my hands began to pay the price. I had some anti-bacterial soap that I was forced to … [Read more...]

Natural Pain Relief with Noxicare

I had a horrible day Saturday. The baby shower for my friend was in Orlando so we had to drive over an hour to get there. The baby did not like that one bit and he was super abusive the whole time. Of course the Strawberry Festival was going on, so that traffic added an extra hour to our trip. I waddled around the party in pain, left early, and had the worst night's sleep I've had to date. I'm really starting to hate my pregnant body, folks. It gets so hard for me in these last few weeks. I'm always on the search for new things to try and minimize the pain I have to endure. I was so excited I signed up to try out Noxicare's Natural Pain … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Manage Joint Pain in Pregnancy

You aren't supposed to hurt in pregnancy. Did you know that? With my daughter I didn't start hurting until the last few weeks and people would tell me it was normal. With this one I started hurting at 7 weeks... before I even started bloating! I can't tell you if it was from the relaxin hormone or just normal pregnancy changes affecting my spine, but the sacroiliac pain started right away. Then of course the pubic bone began to override any lower back pain and now that's all I can think about. My support system with this pregnancy says it isn't supposed to hurt though. Granted I may have some underlying spinal issues to take care of after … [Read more...]