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Preparing for Emergencies with Your Phone (Includes iOS and Android Tutorials)

In case you're new here, I have anxiety issues. When big events happen, like the attacks on Paris, I get extreme anxiety and come up with so many scenarios in my head that make me panic. Internally I am a mess, and emotionally a wreck. Last weekend when Pulse nightclub was attacked, it hit close to home. I lived in Orlando for 5 years and frequented downtown. I had friends who still live there. Straight friends, gay friends. One of my friends was actually at Pulse, but left before the shooting, and described it as "a seemingly ordinary night." This particular friend has three children... I just can't even imagine the hurt that the … [Read more...]

Hullabalu Presents “Pan: Chasing The Keeper” {Review}

Today I am on a road trip. I am crazy and insane for today I am trapped in a car driving all day towards Kentucky. Alone. With two kids. I can not decide if one or all of us should be on drugs. I might just die. I'm packed with my arsenal of things to keep them busy. For the baby it's noise makers (yay) and food. For the six-year-old it's games, apps, and more apps. And not just boring Cut the Rope either. No way. Today I am letting her use my phone to play the interactive story of Pan, a panda with a mission! In Pan: Chasing the Keeper (the second book in the series) we follow Pandora as she searches for answers about her family, the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Turning Your Blog Into a Phone App

Hello lovlies! Today Rebecca of Let Them Eat Cake (formally known as To Calm Insanity) is going to share with you a trick to turn your blog (or any webpage) into an app on your phone. Now, I don't have a smart phone, but this is one of those things that is so easy I'd probably never figure it out on my own anyhow.  Enjoy this awesome little tutorial! *********************************************************** I figured out how to turn my blog into an app. Now how totally awesome is that? And the sad part is… was totally freakin so easy I don’t see how I never figured it out before. This actually works for any site/page you want to make … [Read more...]