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Last Minute Gifts from Best Buy: Canon #HintingSeason

Christmas, man. Snuck up on us, eh? I'm going to be honest with you: I'm still sewing up a few gifts that need to be mailed. Yes, MAILED! I'm the worst ever when it comes to scheduling in time to craft all of my overly-ambitious goals for home made Christmas. I often find myself scrambling for the perfect gift last minute to make up for my short comings. Luckily I know just where to shop... Best Buy is the ultimate destination for those hard-to-shop-for folks on your list. They have everything including the latest cameras to capture your holiday memories. The Canon EOS Rebel T5i is one of the best-selling DSLRs. This camera makes advanced … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Cruise Photo Dump

In case you were unaware, I finally hitched Hutch early in November. We've known each other since before my oldest was born, but had a break where she was conceived, born, and I failed my first marriage. When my life seemed rather gloomy, Hutch found me once again and reminded me that my heart was already spoken for. After some trial and error on my part, I was finally able to be with the man I truly love. And this past November we made it official. Yay us! The wedding was followed by one of the longest vacations ever! That's not necessarily a good thing, folks. It was a honeymoon though, and we really liked having the extra time to relax … [Read more...]

Yesterday was Family Photo Day

I was able to get family photos done by Nicky Durso yesterday morning. I am a total slacker when it comes to making everyone get up and get dressed for a family shoot and I'm really excited to share these with you all!   Gaia was a total ham and I'm really happy how they turned out. Hutch was Mr. Grumps behind closed doors, but he was also super photogenic at the shoot. Anders was too mesmerized/surprised by all the trees (Paul Sander Park is awesome!) that he couldn't concentrate on smiling, but he was chilling out the whole time which made for some adorable photos anyway. If you are in the Tampa area, check out Por do Sol … [Read more...]