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DIY: Envelopes from Magazine pages

I'm a re-user. I have stacks of things that otherwise might look like trash, but when I look at them I see future gifts of joy! Something I have in excess is a stack of pages ripped from magazines. I learned long ago that with a little freezer paper you could have adorable one-of-a-kind envelopes! If you search for tutorials on how to make envelopes you will find simple ones with paper, and cool things you can do with tissue + freezer paper. I've combined all the tutorials on envelope making and come up with the following for magazine pages. First of all, I would like to state up front that I do not have an ironing board at this time. I … [Read more...]

Tutorial Tuesday – Pajama Pants

This project took three times as long as it should have. Two reasons: (1) Gaia was helping me and (2) I had some seriously retarded problems feeding the elastic through the waistband. It seem that every time I go to make a tutorial for you guys, even something I've done before (like these pajama pants) I have some kind of insane issue to deal with. A note: I did not take very many measurements. I used a pair of pants that fit Miss Gaia as a pattern (you'll see) and so you'll have to modify your own version for whomever you're making them for. If they are for a grown man with a fly, well I don't have much advice. I did a pair for Hutch last … [Read more...]

Heart Heat Pack Tutorial

I keep seeing these tutorials around, and since I'm on my period and have cramps from hell I decided to make my own and provide my own tutorial here for you guys! I'm not new to heat packs. They are pretty fun and two Christmases ago I made everyone a neck wrap heat pack to go along with my brown sugar scrub and beer shampoo. (Hand made gift baskets are my favorite!) They are really simple and so useful. … [Read more...]