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What is Mother Roasting?

Western culture is funny when it comes to respecting the new role of motherhood. It was apparent that my community here lacked support for mothers, so I decided to take all of my training and knowledge and apply it to helping moms in their postpartum period. Though there's plenty of room for the practical side of celebrating the fourth trimester, I like my life with a bit of "woo woo" sprinkled in. Back in March I had the pleasure of attending a holistic postpartum doula training. I learned how to do many things, but our focus was based on the mother roasting traditions around the world. Mother roasting is a universal practice that … [Read more...]

Making Expired Breast Milk Lotion

This recipe has been revised to account for separation and spoilage issues. Please hop over to the revised version to get your expired breast milk groove on! I have been blessed to spend most of my breastfeeding days at home with my son. Although I did recently decide to go back to work, there's no need to pump much since he's in full toddler mode with the solid food and almond milk consumption. I do, however, have plenty of milk in my freezer taking up space. It's a good thing, too, because that patch of dry skin I thought was pregnancy mask is hanging around making my face look all scabby and blah. Try to ignore the fact that … [Read more...]

Mommy’s Club for All Walks of Life

The search for safe, eco-friendly products is always on my agenda. It's just one of those things where I'm constantly experimenting with ways to keep my home and all of it's inhabitants healthy, happy, and conscious of our impact on the environment. One day I was greeted at the door with a giant box from Mommy's Club, and the plethora of chemical-free serums blew me away! Mommy's Club is membership buying club with a selection of products that are all-natural, organic, toxic free, GMO free, vegan, made in the USA. It just doesn't get any better than that! This All-in Bundle includes Baby Shampoo, Rash & Remedy Skin Relief, Baby … [Read more...]

Where I Pee on Everything

It's not really that funny when it happens, but in retrospect I suppose it can be viewed as rather hilarious. My video game nerd friend in North Carolina finds it hilarious and I'm surprised she doesn't start every Skype conversation with "What did you pee on today?" [image source] Let me begin by explaining that I do my kegels. I have been doing kegels since before I needed to do kegels. It took me only 36 minutes to push out my first baby and I'm told that's rather impressive. I never peed my pants until after that though, and even then I got my ability to not do so by stepping up my kegels. This time around people are reminding … [Read more...]

Bump Update (23 weeks)

I'm sure most moms are out getting crazy with the sales today. I am mostly finished, and we went by Wal-Mart last night on our way home from turkey dinner to pick up some stuff. Hutch got Gaia the guitar she wanted for Christmas, and I snagged up some pajamas, a bed set, and and art set for her birthday. (She'll be 5 in just over two weeks, isn't that somethin'?) So no, I'm not shopping today. I'll see what I can find on Cyber Monday if I feel the need to purchase anymore Christmas gifts. Our appointment Wednesday went well. I gained another 8 pounds, which to me was surprising because I thought I'd lost a little weight and evened out all … [Read more...]

The Haps.

At my last prenatal I decided to raid the library. I found two books on a  shelf by themselves just hanging out and they happened to be on my wishlist. I went ahead and decided to check them out and I'm going to eventually read them both before my next visit with the midwife. Once I'm finished I'm go to giveaway a copy of either Get Me Out or Pushed, depending on which read I value more. I'm determined to make you celebrate this pregnancy with me. You can't escape it! We've been looking a lot at baby names the past few days. Our list is ever-changing, but all the names on this ballot are still valid. I told Hutch I didn't like … [Read more...]

Confession: I hate due dates.

If you were told you were simply going to be pregnant for approximately 10 months (yes, ten) instead of given a date what would you do? I tend to think that women would be more patient and wait it out. Having a due date just makes women anxious. Rarely do women listen to their bodies and let the baby decide when it's time. Instead there's this magic number hanging over them like some time bomb waiting to go off. I have told all my loved ones that our baby is due in mid-March, and yet for some reason people refuse to take this as a final answer. They simply have to have a date to go by. I wound up arguing with my lovely boyfriend because he … [Read more...]

Determined to be pain free…

When I was bigger in my pregnancy with Gaia, my back pains got worse with lots of pain throughout all my lower regions. I had a crying fit in my midwife's office about how I wasn't sure if I could trust my body to do what I needed it to to birth my beautiful baby. I did still have the natural birth I wanted with minimal pain and effort. However, throughout all these years (almost 5 years, oh my where has the time gone!) I still need help off the floor. A crappy nights sleep would warrant a horrible day ahead. I never escaped the pain that came with being pregnant and giving birth to my mini beebs. When I barely started swelling up with this … [Read more...]