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A Breastfeeding Supplement That Works for Us.

I don't know if you've noticed, but prenatal vitamins are huge! After I had Anders my midwife kept bothering me to continue taking them. She insisted that prenatals were important to continue because breastfeeding took so much from the mother. I compromised by forcing a giant, disgusting horse pill down my throat every other day. It's the best I could do. Then one day I opened a magazine and saw an add for Fairhaven Health's Nursing Blend. Nursing Blend is a breastfeeding supplement that has all the vitamins in a prenatal PLUS some awesome supporting ingredients such as fenugreek and fennel seed. I waited to long to start pumping (since I … [Read more...]

How to make your own hands free nursing bra on the cheap.

If you've ever been a mother who has to pump on a regular basis you've probably shopped around for nursing bras and pump bras. Those babies can be expensive, am I right? I broke down and bought one bra to sleep in and it didn't even keep my girls under control! I already threw $20 down the drain at this point, and in my household there isn't a lot of wiggle room. With empty pockets and determination, I figured out a way to support my breasts and my pump while still doing other things. Apparently I'm not the only one who has thought of this idea, but in case it hadn't occurred to you yet I want to share it with you! Things you will need to … [Read more...]

Don’t Waste a Drop!

If you've ever been that new breastfeeding mother you know how precious your breast milk is. Even in the beginning when your mammary glands are working like a broken faucet you still have a certain attachment to every single drop of milk. I personally had issues with leakage and I could have bought stock in nursing pads. (I should have prepared myself with a few days' supply of washable ones, but I didn't think ahead.) On top of that, I had to feed both my baby and my pump. When I could get them both going at the same time I was elated! But being tired and needed a minimum of 3 hands... well it didn't work out that way all the time. So I was … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday

  Hutch upgraded to an iPhone 4 today. One of the first photos is this little gem captured on the camera. Anders used to happy most of his awake time, but I admit it's a rarity these days. He has some tummy issues we're sorting through (I am not looking forward to cutting out dairy - please let it be something not dairy!) so he's fussy a lot of the time. I feel bad sometimes because you can tell he's so uncomfortable. It breaks my heart to have him cry and not be able to do anything about it. :( Right now we're doing a probiotic (I'm on day 3 of pumping - how exciting!) and we're off to the chiropractor in an hour or so. I'm hoping for a … [Read more...]