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Curling Up with my Kindle

I feel like I have seasonal depression. Except, where normal people love the sunshine and get sadder in the winter months when it's all about indoor activities, I am the opposite. I could feel myself in the last few weeks getting happier, more motivated to do things. It could be the fact that I now own a car, but it's been a pattern the last few years. Don't misunderstand. I live in Florida so the winters aren't terribly cold and when it is "winter" it doesn't last very long. I've always believed that fall was my favorite season even though I don't get the changing leaves or an abundance of crisp breezes accompanying my afternoon walks. But … [Read more...]

Natural Birth Stories {Review & Giveaway}

My best friend is pregnant. It was this big secret for a while, but she's been outed on Facebook so I'm finally allowed to squeal with joy at the top of my lungs. She's the lovely lady who accompanied in my birth experience for my youngest, but she's also bee my best friend since 2004. I'm diffidently excited because she's probably the best person ever. I think Arianna would make a wonderful mother! She's so good with kids, and she's the most honest and real gal I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately, I can't attend the birth. I'm so sad! It's an impossible task no matter how I have it planned. Knowing my luck, her baby would be … [Read more...]

2012 Reading Goal

I just realized I'm on Spring Break and so it's kind of perfect that this week I wanted to sort of drift away from Humanities Day. Not really because I'm going to talk about literature instead. I'm currently reading "My Name is Mary Sutter" but that isn't entirely true. I read the first few chapters and then got sucked into doing other things. But this goal is one I want to stick with, so I have to read at least one book a month from here on out. I'm not much of a reader, but I'm not dumb. I'm just really picky. I'll get into something and read an entire series or what-have-you. I just really have to get into it is all. Anyhow, here are … [Read more...]