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Nutella Recipe Round-Up

Happy World Nutella Day! Every year on February 5th, Nutella fanatics world wide gather and enjoy delicious hazelnut chocolate spread in their own unique ways. This year I'm straying form my mostly dairy-free diet and settling for some guilt by the spoonful. My love for Nutella started like any other: I was introduced to the stuff in the form of a "desert sandwich." There was no turning back from there, and I soon discovered that Nutella is only surpassed by the inspiration it had on baked goods. It started with Nutella cookies, but soon the kitchen creations grew. From cheesecakes to breads, Nutella can be added to many delicious recipes. … [Read more...]

I Scream, You Scream. We All Scream for Ice Cream!

A few weeks ago I bought a half pint Hamilton Beach ice cream maker. I have some issues with my little ice cream maker, but it seems to be quite common for the lid to be pushed up by the layer of ice that forms around the bowl. I've thoroughly read through all the reviews on Amazon and I feel like I can easily adjust my freezer setting and figure it out. Per the instruction manual, I had the bowls in my freezer which was set to the coldest setting. People have had similar issues and managed to troubleshoot the problem. In the meantime, I churn my ice cream and then put it back in the freezer for ten minutes so the milkshake center can harden. … [Read more...]