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Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014!

Another year goes by. It seems to always go by so fast when you try and take a look at in retrospect. I made a lot of transitions in 2013 and 2014 is already proving to be a jam-packed year of working hard, having fun, and living better. Let's take a look at what went on and what is to come. The most popular posts in 2013 were... How to make your own hands free nursing bra on the cheap - This post actually almost didn't exist. I was told that it was so simple and common knowledge that there wasn't a place for such a tutorial on the internet. But with supplies you most likely already have on hand, you can pump hands free using this simple … [Read more...]

Busy Weekend Ahead!

This weekend is going to be busy busy busy! Fridays are normally days in which I have to "Wrap things up." My Friday is like most everyone else's Sunday really. I have to clean and organize. I have to do all my assignments for school and plan out any other weekend events. I'm writing my paper for humanities, a letter to one of my local congressmen for my government class, and making a hoodie for miss Jalina. Once I have access to the car I want to drop off this giant box to Goodwill, grocery shop, and snag up a shower cap and some different earbuds (read: pair number 3). Tonight I will run week 1, day 3 of The Couch to 5k, hopefully … [Read more...]