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Traveling with the iHide Car Seat Organizer {a Review}

It seems like I just got my daughter back from one grandmother and now she's being shipped off to the other. Summers, man.... Full of road trips and excitement for young girls! This is the first truly active "independent" summer Gaia has had. At six-years-old, she's been having her own experiences and enjoying the one-on-one time with her distant relatives. The road trip I went on back in March with both kids wiped me completely, so my mom drove all the way to Central Florida form Kentucky to kidnap my daughter for these last few weeks of summer. Packing is always a chore when it comes to these mini vacations. surely she will come back with … [Read more...]

Fold a Nursing Cover Without Damaging the Boning

Anders is teething. Molars or something. I don't really know, but I know it's driving me batty. Since I have a busy week next week preparing for our trip to Kentucky (I'm going alone with two kids... kill me), I'm trying my best to stay ahead on my "important stuff." None of which is actually a necessity, but the stress of having things to do makes me feel alive. I work best under pressure. I just got finished writing a letter to an old friend. In it I explained how I've been making these little to-do lists and rewarding myself for crossing things off. I read once that productivity motivates you. Apparently it's best to put easy things on … [Read more...]

Learning to Fully Enjoy My Day {Post- #BWFOrlando Thoughts}

I'm planning this trip to Kentucky to visit my best friend and my mom's side of the family. We're all actually from Florida, they just all managed to up and leave towards the same general area. Total weirdos if you ask me. I forgot it's still winter everywhere else. I don't know what I'm going to do in the snow. And I'm taking my kids and braving it alone and I'm terrified I might explode. Both from anticipation and anxiety. But I am gathering supplies for the Once Upon a Time sampler so I'll be picking up cross stitch here soon. I actually have half the colors already and the necessary needles, it was just a matter of getting the fabric … [Read more...]

Top Ten Road Trip CD’s

When I road trip I still prefer taking along my entire CD collection. I know it's a tad outdated, but the best part is nearly all of them are dated before 2007. I still love mix CD's (seriously LOVE them). Once I get through my favorite mixes, here are my favorites albums to jam to (in no particular order): M.I.A. - Arular Gaia actually loves this CD more than I do. She'll danceand sing repetitive lyrics and then ask for me to let the CD run a second time. Definitely a keeper amongst our road trip collection. (As a side note, I discovered this CD back in like 2005 before M.IA. was the bomb diggity.)   Moby - Play This is a great CD … [Read more...]