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From Student to Teacher: How I Compiled My Teaching Portfolio

Ya'll, I graduated! It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to finally be done after all this time. I can barely put it into words, but being done with school [for now] was an amazing adventure. This is the end of the beginning for me, and I'm so grateful for all of the love and support I have received. Technically I'm still finishing up my last class, but all of my assignment have been turned in and graded (because I'm a baller like that) so I'm just waiting for the clock to strike twelve, so to speak. I've also passed all my certification exams! Now I'm just on to the hard part: finding a job. When I was researching my final … [Read more...]

Mom’s Broken Sleep Cycle

In previous years I always prided myself on being "the cool mom" who let my kids stay up late. They'd pass out when tired and I'd surpass them with my binge-Netflix marathons and catch up on my favorite video games. Since adults need less sleep than the little ones, it would work out in my favor because I could stay up until the early hours of the morning and still get enough sleep before the kids would rise around 10 or 11am.  Everyone got enough sleep, we just weren't active morning people. Now that my daughter has chosen to go back to public school, she has to adjust to waking up in the morning. I do too. So I changed my routine to go … [Read more...]

Finishing School

I have been attending college since 2005. Ten years ago I graduated high school and began a journey that took me 2.5 times as long as most college graduates with a 4 year degree. I am not ashamed, albeit a little disappointed. I decided not to attend my high school reunion this summer. It was organized by peers who somehow managed to coordinate all over the world while on fancy adventures of adulthood while I popped out babies and struggled to get out from behind this wall of poverty. I was really excited until tickets went on sale. They were pricey, and I knew that all the losers I hung out with in school weren't even going to be able … [Read more...]

College Tip: Rent Your Textbooks

I'm slowly but surely making my way towards that fabulous Bachelor's degree. This degree is going to be the big accomplishment for me. I struggled hard to get my AA, and now I'm putting in so much of myself into obtaining my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. It's been a steady push forward and I'm proud of myself for remaining consistent in my efforts. Because I attend school online most people don't realize I am still a college student. The first year of this journey was entirely with online texts so there would be no physical proof of my enrollment had I not decided to openly share this information. However, since I'm at the half-way … [Read more...]

Introducing Earthly Educator {Clueless Momma Designs Giveaway}

In case you are unaware, I am currently working on my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I attend classes online and I'm nearing the end so it's all getting very exciting! I'm starting to work with children, and I'm getting comfortable in the classroom. One of the many things I've learned during my work towards this degree is that an effective teacher puts effort into reflecting on his or her lessons. There are several ways to do this and it is unique to the teacher. I've decided to take my love for blogging and apply it to this new stepping stone in my life. I introduce to you Earthly Educator! This website is very much a baby … [Read more...]

Ready for a New Year

I have been contemplating the direction this blog is headed for a while now. With the birth of my son this past year things kind of fell off there for a while. Moving, my daughter starting school, my journey into furthering my own career as a teacher... it all just added up and I wasn't able to dedicate myself to this blog as much as I wanted to. I want that to change. All of those life things will still be around, but I want very much to continue sharing my life's success stories with you. I want to share my failures, too, so that maybe one day you might learn from them. I want to get back into posting about my crafts and my adventures in … [Read more...]

Mama’s Going to School, too!

Going to school is rough for me. Because I love my children and choose to stay at home whenever possible, I have been slowly educating myself with online courses. I've come to a point in my journey towards a Bachelor's in Education where I need to complete field work. I have been hustling the local schools and getting in my observation hours. This means I have to take Hutch to work, get Gaia to school, drop of Anders with milk and hope I don't leak during class. It's all very hectic, I assure you. I briefly mentioned my personal issues with breastfeeding, one of the most annoying feature being leaky breasts. I've been lucky enough to get my … [Read more...]

Make Money This Semester with

I'm still working towards my Bachelor's and in the year I've been doing this online school thing I've needed exactly one book. I chose to rent said book and saved tons of money. With you can rent books at a fraction of the cost, mark in them, and send them back. You save 40-90% off of bookstore prices, and shipping is included both ways. If you're one of the unlucky few who didn't know about renting textbooks, has you covered. Brought to you by the same great folks at Campus Book Rentals, Rent Back lets your college books work for you. It's super easy, too! Send Rent Back your text book. Another student … [Read more...]

Organize Your Homeschool! {Olly Giveaway}

It's back to school season, and although I chose to send my Kindergartener to public school for now I want to offer my support to all those homeschooling families out there. Here's a little giveaway to help you stay organized on all your homeschooling adventures!   … [Read more...]

Will increased DVR use cut into TV advertising revenue?

We have been cable free for 6 years. My family gets very little interaction with cable television and I am very proud of that. Nearly all of our television interaction comes when visiting friends and family. Live TV programming is an annoyance, however, and I tend to cut off or turn down TVs when I visit to escape the barrage of commercial advertisements. Have you tuned into a network television show on live TV lately? In an hour of television viewing you could see up to 18 minutes of commercials. Perhaps the increase in commercials is because of the increase in DVR use. Suppose companies figure that if you are actually viewing live … [Read more...]