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Sewing Tutorial: D.I.Y. Essential Oils Travel Pouch

My family and I are headed to California next week. Exciting stuff! It's time to start thinking about the most effective way to pack for 4 people. And I'll be honest, I have a hard time bringing more than I need... Right now I am able to keep all of my essential oils in a small tin. I only have like 11 bottles, but I have friends whose collections are much bigger. While discussing travel plans and essential oil packing, one friend of mine decided she needed a rather large pouch to protect and contain her EOs. So, after several trials and errors, I came up with this. My pattern piece is a trapezoid with the top, shorter side at 11 … [Read more...]

My First Time Sewing with Knit Fabric

I work at a craft store in the fabric department and so I see a lot of awesome stuff come through the line. A few months before summer started I spied a beautiful see through feather fabric I just had to buy. I purchased several yards so I could use it over and over. In May my husband and I attended a music festival and I was dressed for comfort. As a mom I forget to be stylish sometimes, and I envied all the younger hip kids in their hippy attire. One young lady in particular had a beautiful flowing tunic over her clothes. When I saw it I knew exactly what to do with my first cut from my feather fabric. I'm no professional … [Read more...]

The Last Thing I Made [in January]

I started off the year with tons of crafty goals, but ever since I completed the project below I've been hit with a kind of slump. This is bad because this year I wanted to focus more on my crafts. I wanted to restock my shop with premade items and work towards participating in a craft fair this fall. I've sense found myself in a slump, which isn't uncommon. Depression and anxiety are very real, people. My house is just barely together and my motivation for creating anything new is low. I was commissioned back in November for this diaper bag for a friend. She's expecting number two, and her husband wanted her to have a special-to-her bag … [Read more...]

My Neighbor Totoro Themed Cosplay for Tampa Bay Comic Con 2014

Last week I spent a lot of time on creating the perfect outfits to wear to this year's fall convention. We're lucky because we get two... so if we can't make it to Tampa Bay Comic Con in April (which we didn't) we can plan to try again in August. Because of my work schedule we could only go on Sunday, but that's when we got the best deals on merchandise anyway so I'm not sad. Anyhow, now that I have two children I'm dabbling in these family themes for dressing up. (Hutch will get on board eventually. He's already voiced his regret over not playing along last weekend.) So we started out basic with "My Neighbor Totoro." I used inspiration … [Read more...]

DIY Ring Sling Baby Carrier

I have a confession. I gave away my Hava Ring Sling. I know, how could I give away a carrier? Well, truth is I just have so many women having babies around me that I needed to spread the babywearing love! But I missed it. I love the ring sling because it's easy to adjust and comfortable. When I found osnaburg fabric for super cheap a few months ago, I grabbed a few yards and dyed them a beautiful rainbow color and got some sling rings to prepare for the awesomeness that is this project. I then let it sit around for a few months until I had so many fellow bloggers like "um where's that tutorial, girl?!" that I had no choice but to just do … [Read more...]

DIY Stripwork Skirt {feat. Marie Madeline Studio}

One of the many reasons I love having a daughter is because I get to experiment and make her fancy outfits. Mama has huge hips which make it a bit difficult to fit into otherwise adorable clothing. But with a 6-year-old frolicking about I can just make everything for her and feel satisfied. I've been slacking on the family traditions department, so for Easter this year I decided we would all dress up and head to a rather large egg hunt at our local church. I have been wanting to make Miss Gaia a patchwork skirt for quite some time, so when I stumbled on the perfect fabrics for such a task I knew it was meant to be. You guys voted, so a … [Read more...]

Gaia’s Costume Arrived!

I am so freaking excited about this costume. It's like the best ever. My mom made it all by herself because she's awesomesauce. Hand made with love, ya'll. That's how I grew up for Halloweens and I'm so happy Gaia gets awesome costumes, too. It doesn't get any better. Now the tail is pretty awesome, but my favorite part is the trick-or-treat bag. Super creative stuff! You should go check out my mom's work. She does custom clothing, formal wear, costumes... you name it she'll figure out a way to make it happen. Be jelly! For those of you hoping over from the Handmade Halloween Costume Contest, a disclaimer is needed! I did not make … [Read more...]

We’re all decked out in green for Spring!!!

I can't do a tutorial every Tuesday. One, I'd give away all my secrets! Two, it's just way too much work. I'm not prepared to stop every 30 seconds and take a photo. It's just too much sometimes. I made Gaia a dress yesterday. I did not use a pattern, but I'm thinking perhaps they are not so bad. I did a lot of tweaking in the end to get it to fit right and it still doesn't look like I'd hoped. But she likes it and it was acceptable enough to call it finished.       There's an obnoxious fold in the material I couldn't iron out which makes the dress out to have some weird waistband thingy. I assure you it is not that way. … [Read more...]

Tutorial Tuesday – Pajama Pants

This project took three times as long as it should have. Two reasons: (1) Gaia was helping me and (2) I had some seriously retarded problems feeding the elastic through the waistband. It seem that every time I go to make a tutorial for you guys, even something I've done before (like these pajama pants) I have some kind of insane issue to deal with. A note: I did not take very many measurements. I used a pair of pants that fit Miss Gaia as a pattern (you'll see) and so you'll have to modify your own version for whomever you're making them for. If they are for a grown man with a fly, well I don't have much advice. I did a pair for Hutch last … [Read more...]

Ruffle Hip Pack Tutorial

Finally. It's here. If you've been following me you know I've been planning this for you since the beginning. I would like to start off with a disclaimer: I am not a professional seamstress. I don't follow all the rules and I sew with my intuition rather than following patterns. For this tutorial I had a few problems taking photos to explain what I was doing, but I'm going to try and supplement it with words and hopefully you can get the general idea. To begin, you need a few materials: You need 2/3 yard for the main fabric, and a little less for the contrasting fabric. You will need to cut the following from the fabric: two (2) 10x9" … [Read more...]