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How to Switch from GoDaddy to a New Host

A brief history of Atta Mama: I started on Blogger in January of 2012. I purchased a domain name through GoDaddy, eventually. In 2013 Blogelina was offering free hosting for her subscribers. As an amazing intro into the world of blogging I trusted the products she endorsed and I jumped on board. Then I moved to Wordpress and rebranded into the Atta Mama blog you see today. In 2014 I applied a coupon and simply renewed my hosting plan. I wound up getting it pretty cheap and had no outstanding issues, however there was always a haunting feeling that in order to grow I needed to switch to a better hosting company. I'll tell you what was … [Read more...]

Green Tea Ice Cream by Kiyasu Oka

My lovely sponsor, Kiyasu, drew me a lovely little picture. She says it's inspired by her love for Green Tea Ice Cream ("even better with red beans"). It totally brightened my day and so I'm sharing it with you... You can visit Kiyasu at her graphic design website: … [Read more...]

January Sponsor Love

I love all the lovely ladies that come through here. Lately I've been giving away ad space like crazy trying to get some new faces, but a lot of promo codes are open and sitting there unclaimed! Oh well, here's to the lovies I have on my sidebar right now! First up, let me introduce you to Kim of My Life According to Pinterest. Kim is super fabulous and posts all kinds of goodies on her blog. Don't let the site name fool you... she's got more than DIY going on. Reviews, giveaways, adventures... you name it! Kim's got it going on. Here are some of my favorites from Kim: DIY Etched Glasses Little Man Tie Onsie   Kim's super fly, … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Today is one of my sponsor's birthday! Everyone hop on over to Optimistic Mommy and give Courtney some birthday love! … [Read more...]

April Sponsors!

Here are my fabulous sponsors for this month! Check them out because they are amazing women! Visit Ashley: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ Visit Kylie: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin' | Pinterest Visit Courtney: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest Visit Nikki: Blog | Facebook | Twitter Visit Chrissy: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest Visit Rebecca: Blog | Facebook | Twitter … [Read more...]

March Sponsor Spotlight!

Sponsors are fun! Weeeeee! Here's a peak at my lovely March sponsors... Visit Rebecca: blog | facebook | twitter Visit Nikki: blog | facebook | twitter | youtube Visit Chrissy: blog | facebook | twitter | pinterest You should visit each and every one of them because these are some amazing ladies.  I'm very happy to link up with them this month. Stay tuned for guest posts throughout the month! … [Read more...]