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St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Window Rainbow

We've been getting the weirdest weather here in Central Florida. I forget that other places are all in the middle of some crazy-long winter without an end in sight. I am lucky that the second hand stores are already purging their winter stock with $1 sales and $5 grab bags, or I'd be S.O.L. for my trip next week. It did rain today, which I assumed would bring in some cooler weather for sure. We do have a light breeze, but for the most part everything is still a bit muggy. That's Florida for you. Good thing The Dollar Tree carries such a huge selection of craft supplies and inspiration for every holiday. This year I decided to skip the door … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patricks Day

Spent the day dressed in green with Hutch parading around Orlando. I live by the college so there were lots of parking lots dedicated to just hanging out and drinking beer. We went and saw John Carter, and that was fun. It was hard to sit still for the first bit for me because we had just gotten iced coffees next door and they made us chug them before letting us through. Haha. I also went to to Goodwill and found some shoes to turn into a glitter project next week when my father takes us to Disney. :) I quite enjoyed this little guy, so in case you haven't seen him: [source] What did you do for St. Patrick's Day? … [Read more...]