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Will increased DVR use cut into TV advertising revenue?

We have been cable free for 6 years. My family gets very little interaction with cable television and I am very proud of that. Nearly all of our television interaction comes when visiting friends and family. Live TV programming is an annoyance, however, and I tend to cut off or turn down TVs when I visit to escape the barrage of commercial advertisements. Have you tuned into a network television show on live TV lately? In an hour of television viewing you could see up to 18 minutes of commercials. Perhaps the increase in commercials is because of the increase in DVR use. Suppose companies figure that if you are actually viewing live … [Read more...]

TV Shows that Dominate Our Television

I am participating in the May Post Project hosted by She Promotes. I headed over to Southern Girl Ramblings and Kecia's post on TV Shows dominating her TV caught my eye. We don't have cable around these parts (though we're contemplating getting it because it's honestly worth it if we bundle internet with cable), but we did have Netflix for the past 4 years. Here's a list of shows I would be happy to never see again. (You know, because when all you have is instaplay you see every show fifty-eleven times.) Dora the Explorer - Please, for the love of God, stop making Dora the Explorer episodes. I just can't take it anymore. It's so repetitive … [Read more...]