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Just Between Friends

I have always held onto a lot of my baby stuff since Gaia was born almost 7 years ago. I had hoped to pass everything down to future children or at least pass it along to friends making their own families complete. Now that my best friend has been a mother for 6 months, she has a lot of the basics you'd look for. After having many discussions with my fiance, we decided it was time to purge that stuff too. He's fine with the size our family is now. I wasn't until recently. A few weeks ago I was doing chores before work when I tuned into my actions. I was running form room to room in a nonsensical pattern and I was getting about half as much … [Read more...]

A Thrift Store Adventure

I need a new camera. Lately mine has been doing this weird thing where it blurs any photo that needs flash. I've cleaned the flash, I've cleaned the lens. I have no idea what's going on with it really. It makes me not want to take pictures of anything, bah. Anyhow, I really like second-hand stores. It's been my go-to method of obtaining items forever. I'm probably going to go again today because I realized I am short a casserole dish for Thanksgiving. That just isn't cool, you know? I introduced Hutch to Once Upon A Child this past weekend. I had a bag of Gaia's clothes that needed to be donated, but I always like to see if I can get … [Read more...]

Picture Me Domestic Self Portrait Contest

Hutch and I went thrifting the other day. We got our entertainment system, a shelf for my knick-knacks, and very sexy work shoes for each of us. But what I'm most excited about is this little giraffe canvas bag I scored. I disguised its awesomeness because my goal is to make a change purse or make-up/pencil bag of some sort. The colors are very chill though and it's a project I'm SUPER excited about! Yay discarded canvas bags! I've been wanting to show you my little craft corner now that we're all set up. My sewing machine is directly behind the most excited version of me. We're about to get crack-a-lackin'. Oh yeah. The billboard isn't as … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patricks Day

Spent the day dressed in green with Hutch parading around Orlando. I live by the college so there were lots of parking lots dedicated to just hanging out and drinking beer. We went and saw John Carter, and that was fun. It was hard to sit still for the first bit for me because we had just gotten iced coffees next door and they made us chug them before letting us through. Haha. I also went to to Goodwill and found some shoes to turn into a glitter project next week when my father takes us to Disney. :) I quite enjoyed this little guy, so in case you haven't seen him: [source] What did you do for St. Patrick's Day? … [Read more...]

Staying Busy…

I've been in a funk lately. I can feel it creeping up on me like an illness. I've been trying to stay busy and ignore it, but I can't help feeling hopeless. Bah. Everything is fine really, I just can't shake the funky feeling. Staying busy... This is my fabric square for Mandy's blog quilt. It's in the mail already. Huzzah! I'm no professional embroiderer, I just fake it. Also this was made at like 4am. :) So I shop at Goodwill all the time. It's my favorite place. The one next to my house has daily color-coded 50% sales and 10% student discount. The other one I visit in Sarasota (where my father lives) has 50%-off day on Saturdays all the … [Read more...]