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The Dollar Tree has all your Thanksgiving kid craft needs!

You know I like to recycle toilet paper rolls. In fact, throwing them away makes me feel really super guilty so I'm constantly trying to find ways to use them in various crafts and activities. I honestly was waiting for the time to come to do the following project because I knew it would be so easy for me and so fun for the kids all at the same time. It's pretty cheap too, considering that the Dollar Tree has all of the basic essentials you need for a day of basic crafting at home. Because we're Floridians and aren't used to winter (What's a winter?), we're cooped up inside fearful of the 50 degree weather that has cursed our land. This mama … [Read more...]

At-Home Screen Printing (Close, But Not Really)

When I first started planning the details of my trip to Kentucky for Spring Break earlier in March, one of the first things I had to think about was how to keep my little clan bundled from the bipolar weather conditions. (Is anyone else sick of the Winter - Spring - Winter thing? Give Mother Nature some dark chocolate and a glass of wine, jeez!) I have tons of hoodies left over from my brief entrepreneurship of making dinosaur hoodies for kids, so I grabbed one of those and dyed it blue. Blue is for boys, after all. (Just kidding... I happened to have some blue dye on hand is all.) So that wasn't enough for me, so I decided to try my hand … [Read more...]

Day 6 – Things We Reuse

I totally skipped day 5 because it had me all hung up and feeling awkward and I decided that skipping it was better than giving up on this entire challenge. It's for the best, day 5. Don't be sad. So we reuse a lot of things around here. Not as much as I'd like due to the craftiness being absent from my bones lately. Here are our top 5 reuses: Jars: Who doesn't reuse jars? I feel like some weird elderly woman sometimes because I have a huge collection of jars from jams and sauces and other various containers from things just in case I do decide to make sugar scrubs or cookie mixes. I can't possibly be alone in this one. Why let such … [Read more...]

Craft Supply Challenge – Week 1

I didn't do a tutorial yesterday because I was trying to take a break from feeling like I had to get something done. And honestly, I still wound up finishing a rather simple craft project I wanted to share. As some of you may have noticed I am participating in the Craft Supply Challenge. This week was week 1 and I did quite a bit of mod podge crafts. I realized that my mod podge is old and I swore I wouldn't buy a new bottle until I used it all up. So I took this opportunity to make over a stool. It was a bright pink stool that my friend gave us when Gaia was little. It used to have a Hello Kitty cushion, but we wore that … [Read more...]

We’re all decked out in green for Spring!!!

I can't do a tutorial every Tuesday. One, I'd give away all my secrets! Two, it's just way too much work. I'm not prepared to stop every 30 seconds and take a photo. It's just too much sometimes. I made Gaia a dress yesterday. I did not use a pattern, but I'm thinking perhaps they are not so bad. I did a lot of tweaking in the end to get it to fit right and it still doesn't look like I'd hoped. But she likes it and it was acceptable enough to call it finished.       There's an obnoxious fold in the material I couldn't iron out which makes the dress out to have some weird waistband thingy. I assure you it is not that way. … [Read more...]

Staying Busy…

I've been in a funk lately. I can feel it creeping up on me like an illness. I've been trying to stay busy and ignore it, but I can't help feeling hopeless. Bah. Everything is fine really, I just can't shake the funky feeling. Staying busy... This is my fabric square for Mandy's blog quilt. It's in the mail already. Huzzah! I'm no professional embroiderer, I just fake it. Also this was made at like 4am. :) So I shop at Goodwill all the time. It's my favorite place. The one next to my house has daily color-coded 50% sales and 10% student discount. The other one I visit in Sarasota (where my father lives) has 50%-off day on Saturdays all the … [Read more...]