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My poor, poor feet…

For the most part I don't mind walking to work. I'm grateful I haven't needed to walk home yet, as I'm sure the sun is even less forgiving in the afternoons. The biggest downside with having to walk to work is captured in the photo above. Since I work breakfast shift, I tend to drop syrup on my shoes. Then the next morning when I walk, sand sticks to it. I get sand caked to my shoes and it looks real cute. Something else that kind of sucks, obviously, is that my feet hurt. The mornings aren't too bad so I don't think about it too much on my walks to work. However, after working an entire shift the aches are nearly unbearable. I work Thursday … [Read more...]

Another Reason to Go Back to School

I think about going back to school a lot now that I have my associate's degree. Starting year 3 at a university seems so very appealing. Though I don't mind waiting tables (it's barely been a week after all), I don't really want to be a waitress forever. Now that I'm actually working again I've remembered that. I had a recent epiphany. You may laugh, scoff, or roll your eyes, but here it is... I applied for food stamps and temporary cash assistance two weeks ago. I've had to apply for food stamps in the past, so that part was easy. I applied for TCS (welfare) out of panic because I was not doing so well in my job search. It was so easy … [Read more...]

A Work Update

Hutch likes my tattoo sleeve because he said it looks like they're in bed snuggling together. I love laying in bed snuggling, but Hutch and I both work mornings and fight to be cool at night so we don't get to do that much. Here's my tattoo, snuggling with itself. For those of you that missed it, I got the job as a waitress at Denny's. I have to cover the bottom of my tattoo and I've taken out all my face piercings... even my tongue. It's quite a discriminatory thing, but my opinion is biased. I hate having to hide my individuality. I do, however, "get it" and am used to it and so I don't complain much on the surface. Inside though, inside … [Read more...]